Teamnet Dedalus – a new approach to healthcare services

1. Teamnet Dedalus information systems bring a new series of functionalities, developed as a result of ensuring that patient needs are met; these contribute to reducing appointment times, to eliminating errors in writing prescriptions and administering medication and to increasing the service quality (Online Appointments, Bar Code identifier, Monitoring the correct administration of medication by scanning etc.)

2. Interoperability – Teamnet Dedalus information systems are developed in compliance with international standards on healthcare information exchange. The main advantage is that hospitals and clinics can purchase part of the modules of the application, considering their availability of their financing sources. In addition, the systems include a series of “Good Healthcare Practices”, in order to align Romanian hospitals to international healthcare standards.

3. The services provided by the Teamnet Dedalus team offer the correct exploitation of all functionalities of the information system, not only the correct system operation.