About Teamnet Dedalus

Teamnet Dedalus is one of the main providers of information systems for both public and private healthcare sectors.

The mission of Teamnet Dedalus is to enhance the quality and efficiency of healthcare systems.

Thus, we provide a Western-standards solution, traded in 12 countries and implemented in more than 550 public and private hospitals in Italy, and a team of experts who ensure the good performance of the solution, in compliance with the legislation and specific requirements of Romanian healthcare service providers.

Healthcare service providers need support in order to facilitate fast data transfer, service customization for each patient, optimization and quantification of the results and their fast reporting to the authorities and to the management.

ARMONIA®sanita Application Suite  is an indispensable tool for decreasing the delay in appointment times for patients scheduled for lab tests, medical investigations and consultations. It boosts the quality of healthcare services to Western standards and facilitates complex reporting, specific to healthcare service providers.

The Company is the result of a strategic partnership between two major companies:  Teamnet, one of the major IT systems integrators in Romania, with 6 offices, out of which 2 are international, and with more than 800 employees and Dedalus SpA, leader in software solutions dedicated to the public and private healthcare systems in Italy, with 12 offices and over 850 employees.

ARMONIA®sanita Suite, an IT&C solution by Teamnet Dedalus

The software systems provided by Teamnet Dedalus address hospitals, clinics and general practitioners and they are being successfully used by more than 21,000 physicians, in more than 300 private hospitals, 250 public hospitals, more than 280 Medical Laboratories and Diagnosis Centers, 500 Operating Rooms in Italy. 

The solutions provided by Teamnet Dedalus have a major role in reducing the delay of appointment times for patients scheduled for healthcare services and in enhancing their quality, by offering support to the medical staff.

The main benefits of the systems provided by Teamnet Dedalus are related to:

  • interoperability and cooperation between healthcare institutions
  • optimization of administrative management activities
  • providing healthcare services at the highest standards, due to critical and duly data transfer about patients.

Launching the ARMONIA®sanita Suite in Romania involves a new approach on the healthcare services patients receive. The system enables the integration of the information of interest between the departments and wards within hospitals and healthcare centers, and also between healthcare service providers. The information solution thus enables an accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment for patients, in the shortest delay possible.

ARMONIA® outstands the other existing information systems on the local market through: Click Here