Patient Healthcare and Satisfaction: Modern Management Objectives

Teamnet Dedalus participated between June 20th-23rd, in Mamaia, at the third edition of the National Conference in Modern Medical Management in Private Clinics and Hospitals.

At the debate between foreign representatives, Teamnet Dedalus has come up with a series of software solutions focused on the private sector, following the Western pattern. Cutting down costs, increasing patients’ health level and satisfaction degree are the main benefits registered by the private healthcare services providers who have chosen these solutions.  

“The lack of communication between private hospitals and clinics and the other healthcare service providers, make it impossible for the medical staff to offer fast interventions and sometimes they have to run the same lab test several times, or they even find themselves in the situation of having to deliver redundant services sometimes, triggering major costs. 750 billion USD dollars were paid in US for unnecessary healthcare services, according to a study conducted in 2012 by the Medicine Institute in USA. In Romania, the entire private healthcare services market reaches 500 million EURO, but there are also proportional losses.

A global approach of communication between healthcare service providers would enable cutting down costs and increasing the quality of the medical act. Implementing mature, tested, interoperable applications is a first step in the direction of collaboration between healthcare service providers.” Filippo di Marco, Dedalus International Manager and Teamnet Dedalus shareholder

More than 10 representatives from the private healthcare system, together with the Chairman of the National Health Insurance House (CNAS), Cristian Bușoi, the State Secretary from the Ministry of Health, Adrian Pana, the President of the Romanian Alliance for Health, Cristian Hotoboc, the President of the Association for the Protection of Patients, Vasile Barbu and Vasile Cepoi, State Counselor within the Prime Minister’s Chancellery ­.

At the debate, the topic of providing patients with access to the best quality healthcare services, regardless if we are speaking about the private or the public sector was debated.


Collaboration between the public and private healthcare services providers was suggested by healthcare authorities, as an alternative to the competition between them, to the purpose of providing better healthcare services for patients. On this topic, Vasile Barbu, the President of the Association for the Protection of Patients, pointed out that patients must benefit from the necessary healthcare services, whenever and wherever they are needed, and the authorities are obliged to make this possible, out of their own (budgetary) or attracted (private) resources.

“The care the private healthcare service providers offer when treating the patient is well known.  However, a high quality medical act involves access to the patient’s electronic record, which should not include only the investigations carried out in the clinic.

The medical software interoperable platforms will lie at the core of collaboration between hospitals, both private and public, between general practitioners and healthcare service facilities. The time has come for us to move from the split treatment of the patient to a global, consolidated treatment, towards each patient’s health. Filippo di Marco, Dedalus International Manager and Teamnet Dedalus shareholder

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