With ARMONIA®sanita, we manage healthcare services for about 15,000 patients each month, and we help over 2000 health professionals to properly  report the medical services provided .

Our medical information system is implemented in Romania in several hospitals, including County Hospital Ploiesti, Radauti Municipal Hospital, Emergency Hospital for Children Grigore Alexandrescu, Children’s Hospital Ploiesti, Baicoi City Hospital, Rehabilitation Hospital Bradet, Emergency Hospital Bucharest and so on.

The eHealth platform on which ARMONIA®sanita were developed, are currently marketed in 12 countries in Asia , Europe, Africa.

The eHealth platform, in numbers: 

  • 21,000 General Practiciens
  • 500 Operating Rooms
  • 17.000.000 monitored persons in Screening Campaigns
  • 250 Public Hospitals
  • 300 Private Hospitals
  • 50 Emergency Rooms
  • 280 Analysis Laboratories and Diagnostic Centers
  • 120 Departments of Pathology