The mission of Teamnet Dedalus is to support, by means of the software platform, the excellence of healthcare services. We achieve this by simplifying the operating and reporting activities in the software system, so that the hospital staff may take the required time to provide outstanding healthcare services.

The Teamnet Dedalus technical team takes a proactive role in the implementation, suggests solutions and good practices for using the information system as easily and efficiently as possible.

The Project Manager and the entire team will assist the client throughout the implementation and also after its conclusion, in order to ensure the effective operation of the solution and also each user’s correct exploitation of the system.

The main stages of the implementation are as follows:

  • Drafting the project plan, in collaboration with the beneficiary, in order to point out the area covered by the project, the stages, their duration and the persons involved;
  • Drafting a detailed analysis of the user’s requirements, mapping the work  and reporting flows;
  • Suggesting the best software and hardware solution, compliant with the beneficiary’s needs and pointing out the potential risks;
  • Importing data from the history or from third party applications in the new IT platform;
  • Configuring the layouts in compliance with the needs of each department, followed by training the users;
  • Supporting the users after the implementation in order to ensure the effective operation and usability of the information system;