Armonia DRG

ArmoniaDRG is a hospital-dedicated application, for the calculation of CMI (casemix index), for tracking invalidations, for codification of main and secondary diagnosis and for procedures and drafting comparative reports on CMI.

Among FUNCTIONALITIES you can find:


  • Medical data import
  • The application enables the calculation of CMI according to the main diagnosis and adding secondary diagnoses to the main diagnosis
  • Signals potential inconsistencies
  • Underlines secondary diagnoses which can be replaced with  another similar diagnosis so as the main diagnosis may pass into a higher group than the previous one
  • When selecting a diagnosis, the list of available procedures is filtered according to the compatibility with this diagnosis.
  • Underlines the codification errors according to the “International Codification Standards” and this way, reduces as much as possible the invalid or incorrectly codified cases.
  • Calculates the number of admissions to hospital which have to be contracted in each ward, so as to get maxim bed occupation efficiency at an CMI as accurate as possible.

The application enables the calculation of the index for each of the diagnoses of a patient, showing us the best way to pass to the main diagnosis both from financial and medical perspective.
Hospital reports: CMI reports for each ward, doctor, amount, group which can be optimized by adding a secondary diagnosis, consultation sheets whose CMI can be optimized by re-ordering the diagnoses, uncategorized sheets etc. reports on invalidated patients according to the DRG invalidation rules and reports on invalidated sheets
Hospital Management Indicators for wards, physicians, contracted patients, average duration of hospitalization etc.



  • Calculating the CMI according to the diagnoses and procedures that were carried out
  • Strict, real time consolidated reports on patients, both in economic and accurate codification terms
  • Avoiding situations of invalidated sheets and quickly figuring out solutions
  • Complete information in the observation sheets
  • Considering all correlated parameters influencing the CMI (hospitalization days, gender, age, main diagnosis etc)
  • Simpler codification for diagnoses and procedures
  • Reports to divide hospitalization cases into continuous hospitalization and one-day hospitalization