Armonia Operating Theater

ARMONIA Operating Theater is used in 500 operating theaters in Italy and, at present, it is available in Romania.

The information system comprises a suite of applications for managing the activities within the Operating Theater:  starting with patients’ assessment depending on the severity, the emergency and the complexity of the case, recording the anesthetist’s visits in the Anesthetist’s Record, assigning the Operation Rooms, the doctors and the intervention teams, intervention planning, Surgical Intervention Records, managing the sanitary materials and prosthetics consumption, managing the treatment of infections,  postoperative assessment and ending with  the patient’s discharge from the hospital.



  • SUPPORT WITH CONAS ACCREDITATION, through the possibility to set patient appointments in operating rooms.
  • REIMBURSEMENTS PER PATIENT becomes easier by monitoring the sanitary materials consumption related  to surgeries
  • ACCESS  ANYTIME, ANYPLACE by making the application available both on desktops and on mobiles (tablets or mobile phones)
  • CLINICAL AND SURGICAL RISK ASSESSMENT  are made possible by implementing the list validating the procedures in compliance with the criteria set by the Ministry of Health into the system
  • EFFICIENT USE OF O.R. TOOL KITS Planning the interventions involves booking the O.R., the tool kits, the team and the related sanitary materials, so that doctors may have a clear picture on the available resources.
  •  EASY-TO-GET ANALYSES, REPORTS AND STATISTICS, on the number of patients, types of intervention, teams, O.R.s etc. The information is attached to the FOCG (General clinical consultation sheet), for better DRG reporting of the hospitalized cases.
  •  MEDICAL DATA ENTERING AND ACCESSING is performed systematically, in an organized manner, by means of the application. The roles are clearly defined and introduce various data: doctor, anesthetist, nurses.