Software for high quality healthcare services in hospitals

ARMONIA®sanita comprises a suite of interoperable healthcare software modules, for managing the patients and the provided healthcare services.

ARMONIA®sanita is integrated with all the national healthcare systems: SIUI (Unique Integrated Information System), E-Prescription, DES (Electronic Health Records) and provides direct reporting in Diagnosis Related Groups – DRG and SIUI and in the national healthcare programmes.

ARMONIA®sanita is a suite of HIS (Hospital Information System) medical software which entirely covers the work flows in a hospital: Patient Appointments, Hospitalization, Laboratory, Pharmacy, DRG, Ambulatory, Clinic, Therapy etc. As medical staff starts to collaborate to ensure the patient’s recovery, medical information exchange between wards and departments becomes a routine.

ARMONIA®sanita- medical software for hospitals:

  • Ensures collaboration between departments, wards, nurses, doctors, laboratories etc., thus reducing administrative strain;
  • Enables automation of monthly reports forwarded to Healthcare Authorities (CNAS – National Health Insurance House, DSP – Public Health Directorate, MS – Ministry of Health, CJAS – County Health Insurance Houses)
  • Enhances information system operation by integration with third party applications and eliminating situations when the same data is to be entered in several applications;
  • Corroborates the  patient’s medical history, in e-format, where it can be accessed by both the attending physician and the patient, through the portal
  • Ensures traceability of the supply of medication and sanitary materials in the pharmacy
  • Reduces the delays in the scheduled appointment times, with the Online Appointments System;

 Innovative Functionalities of ARMONIA®sanita – medical software for hospitals: 

  • Doctor and Patient Portal, by means of which patients may access their medical records online, from the hospital and set appointments online for various examinations in the ambulatory.
  •  Electronic Identification of adult conscious patients, of adult patients with special needs, of children, electronic identification of lab samples and pharmacy medicine, to ensure traceability and reduction of errors.
  • Innovative Modules for the Romanian market: oncology treatment management, operating theatre management, telemedicine etc.
  • The alternative of minimal infrastructure costs, by delivering the ARMONIA®sanita software as a service in Cloud. This way, we provide clients with access to a complex, mature system, at an affordable monthly price, with minimal initial investments.
  • Business Analysis- scoreboards with preset indicators and integrated BI for managing the hospital’s cost centers etc.

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